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Multiple Streams of Brokerage Income
One problem for brokerages in our industry is that brokerage income is largely limited to only two types of revenue:  1) a percentage of commission splits from sales production; and 2) desk fees or administrative fees charged to Associates in the brokerage.   At Castle Quest we've developed additional and more powerful streams of income for brokerage firms and the owners of those firms.

At Castle Quest we do not charge monthly administration fees.  The Castle Quest system incorporates a number of more progressive income streams all designed for rapid growth and monthly income stability.  At Castle Quest, our multiple streams of income to the Franchisee (Brokerage Owner) include the following:

Brokerage Commission Split Income
Our commission splits range from 80/20 (with 20% of the first $100,000 of gross commission generated annually by each Associate going to the brokerage) to 100/0 (on all commissions over the 1st $100,000 earned annually).

Brokerage Associate and Breakaway Residuals (Brokerage Residual Income)
This monthly brokerage residual income stream is equal to 10% of the personal monthly residual income generated by all associates affiliated with your brokerage & by all breakaway brokerages (see info. above).
Monthly First Level and Second Level Team Bonuses (Personal Residual Income)
Franchisees can also earn Team Bonuses based on the volume of their personal network.  Click here to learn more about the residual income Team Bonuses that are available to Castle Quest Associates.

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Castle Quest Franchises are currently available to registered real estate Brokers and Sales Representatives throughout the province of Ontario in Canada.  We will soon be entering other Provinces as well as the United States.

Our unique system offers unprecedented benefits to Franchisees and their Sales Representatives and Brokers.  Franchise fees start at only $20,000 and we stand behind the Castle Quest system with our in-house financing plan.

Why Open a Castle Quest Franchise?
As a business model, the most important key factors of success for any real estate brokerage are the RECRUITING and RETENTION of good producing real estate Sales Representatives & Brokers (referred to herein as "Associates").

In most traditional real estate brokerages the job of recruiting good real estate Associates has been placed solely in the hands of the brokerage owner or office manager.  The Castle Quest franchise system is very different because we’ve created a financial incentive for everyone within Castle Quest to actively fulfill the job of recruiting good producing Associates.  At Castle Quest we all work together to recruit through our unique “Sponsoring” system.

Imagine achieving tremendous growth and stability within your brokerage office where everyone works together to recruit and retain good producing Associates.  Freedom 5.O™ is a residual income plan designed by Castle Quest International Inc., our Franchisor, for the real estate industry.  This new system promotes recruiting and growth within our brokerages by offering monthly residual income which is gained through the “Sponsoring” of Realtors® into Castle Quest brokerages.  Our Freedom 5.O™ plan helps to secure the loyalty and retention of our Sales Representatives and Brokers  through a strong and stable residual income system.

  • Take control of your brokerage with automatic recruiting & retention
  • Increase brokerage office cash flow with less effort
  • Build financial security for your brokerage with brokerage residuals

We’ve also incorporated a revolutionary idea by offering brokerages the opportunity to earn brokerage residuals.  With brokerage residuals, your brokerage’s income won’t be limited by your local marketplace.  As you & your Associates “Sponsor” other Realtors® into the Castle Quest system, anywhere in North America where Castle Quest brokerages exists, your brokerage will earn residual income equivalent to 10% of the team bonuses generated by all Associates in your brokerage. Your brokerage residuals will increase in direct proportion to the success your Associates achieve in growing their personal network of Realtors® within the Castle Quest system. 

Through brokerage residuals you’ll have the opportunity to dramatically increase the stability of your brokerage’s monthly income and the overall value of your business.
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What are Brokerage Residuals?
Brokerage residuals are comprised of two streams:
1)  Brokerage Associate Residuals:  A monthly residual income equivalent to 10% of the personal monthly residual income generated by all Associates affiliated with your Brokerage (whether active, retired, or in our beneficiary program); and,
2)  Breakaway Brokerage Residuals:  A monthly residual income equivalent to 10% of the personal monthly residual income generated by all Associates who left your brokerage to start their own brokerage as a Castle Quest Franchisee.

The second part of brokerage residuals described above is entirely revolutionary as Breakaway Brokerage Residuals gives brokerage owners, for the first time ever in our industry, a financial reason to encourage and guide their Sales Associates to get their Brokers License and to open their own brokerage office. 
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